clubhorny: Starring: SG Malay Minah MILF Producer: SG Club…


Starring: SG Malay Minah MILF
Producer: SG Club Lust

It’s around 11pm on this weekday night when i received a msg on Tumblr.

Her: “Hi, i saw your videos on Tumblr and u made me very horny & wet now.”

Me: “Opps! I’m so sorry about that.”

Her: “That’s very bad of you.”

Me: “Trust me, i don’t wish that to happen to u.”

Her: “I’m really so horny now, i think i need someone to do me.”

Me: “hehe. Me?”

Her:“ i like to but husband is at home.”

Me: “lol. Then u can ask ur husband ma?”

Her: “ He’s having a fever so cannot.”

Me: “aiyo, must be torturing for u. So what ya doing now?”

Her: “Fingering myself now.”

Me: “wanna take a photo and show me.”

She send me a nude photo of herself.

Me: “wow! Ya a malay? So sexy sia u”

Her: “Ya. Why? You don’t like malay?”

Me: “well i do and i got fetish for malay milf.”

Her: “what’s milf?”

Me: “mother i love to fuck lol.”

Her: “wahahah. U r so notti.”

Me: “so u wanna meet me now to help u with ur suffering.”

Her: “lol. But my husband is at home. Later he suspect if i go out.”

Me: “why not u just pretend to be hungry and go out to get supper? Then we can do in my car nearby ur place.”

Her: “haha. Ya so smart to think of it. I think good idea sia.”

Me: “ya ok? I can come now.”

Her: “ok can.”

Got her address and arranged a time to pick her up.

Me: “i’m here. Black car handicapped lot near the lift.”

Her: “ok coming down.”

During the time waiting for her to come down was really anxious. Reason being so excited that she slipped out to have sex with me while her husband was at home and wondering what would she be wearing after seeing the photo she had send me.

Door opened and a malay minah with a dye hair came in. What she’s wearing made me even more excited. A white short blouse revealing her boobs with a nice cleavage.

Her: “hi. Sorry to let u wait so long.”

Me: “lol its worth the wait.”

Her: “so where we go?”

Me: “let me drive around & find a quiet place ya.”

We drove around for 5 mins and luckily found a quiet multi storey carpark in a newly build HDB blocks. Found a nice spot at the corner and proceed to move to the back seats. I started to took off her bra and began licking her nipple meanwhile moving my hands to her pussy. I could felt her being so wet now. I began squeezing her breast with one hand, licking her nipples and having another hand with the fingers on her clit.

Her: Aaahhh…Ooouuuuu….Aaahhhhh

I could felt her climate increasing and i began to put the other finger to finger fuck her with the thumb on her clit. All these while still licking on her nipple.

Her: Aaaaaahhhhhhh…Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh

She felt my tool had hard up too and began stroking it for me. Suddenly without any warning, she moved down and began blowing me.

Me: “Oh shit! Oh fuck! Aaahhh….Ooooo

She blew me for around 2-3 mins and she suddenly sat up and sat on top of me in the cowgirl position. With her hand on my tool, she pull it toward her pussy and insert into her. Yes, it’s raw and it’s so surprising for me. She starting riding madly like she had not had sex for awhile.

We: Ooohhhh….Aaaahhhh…Oooohhhh. Oh fuck!

Me: ” Yeah fuck me!“

Her: “You like it?”

Me: “ ya. Don’t stop please!”

It’s was a good ride from her and i wanted a better penetration angle for ourselves. So i shifted ourselves to a doggy position.

Me: “can i take a video for the followers?”

Her: “ok u censor right?”

Me: “thats for sure.”

After positioning the camera on my mobile holder, i started bonking her on doggy position.

Her: “Aaaahhh….Aaaahhhh….Aaaahhhh”

Continue for a good 5 mins when….

Her: “Faster…Faster……”

Me: “Ya cumming?”

Her: “ya….aaaahhhhhh……..”

Me: “ok let’s cum togther”

Her: “cum inside me…Aaahhh cum inside.”

We: “Ahh Ahh Ahh..Aaaaaaaahhhhh……..”

Her: “That’s really good.”

Me: “Ya. U are really nice to bonk. Ok i cum inside u?”

Her: “it’s ok. I’m on pills la.”

As she’s out for awhile, we quickly got dressed and went to the nearest 24hrs coffeeshop to get food since we gotta make it looks real that she’s getting supper. Dropped her near her blo